Website building and earn dollar
 building .
      Website building and you are a publisher of advertising/publisher networker and earn money as dollars in your pocket . you have to own a website on any of the topic that will be interesting subject for users. Topic may about classified , software , latest news , health , Technology related to mobile , software, automobile...etc , any of the topic , but you have good knowledge about them. Latest trends of these topics should be updated in your site , it will make your website good traffic source.
first you want to make is not an easy for everyone , but you You don't want to an IT professional,  just you have to know computer. Build a website through many ways. You might get information from website builders site , wordpress , google... etc
 I  just give you one of the Link here for website builders ...... you can build your website through any of the website builder

if your are not a creator , but you have good ideas in website contents , purpose and topic , without any these nothing else !
before starting to create a website having to find out purpose and topic . purpose and topic is different . first decide topic then decide about its purpose. for example , you decide your topic is about technology .technology has many areas .in technology you choose as " mobile" . then decide purpose .the topic is mobile in technology . then you can choose purpose about mobile latest trends in mobile technology , latest product from brands , mobile technical information…etc , then what else plan about contents and templates . nice templates makes more impression . you can download templates free from free template websites .
gooyabi templates is very good one 
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