Careers:Rig job Part 3

2.Floor man
Second job position after roustabout is floor man or called as roughneck. Same like the name represents floor man job is to work on the rig floor and all the drilling operations on the rig floor as per the instructions from is also a hardwork.salary package would be 900$-1200$ range.
Rig floor is second floor platform in a rig system.

3.Derrick man
If you are a derrick man your chance is more in the rig world. Company will hire you with you an imaginable offers. Derrick man is the first step before a driller , tool pusher . its a risky job. You want to do hard work in risky areas , hanging on air winch sling with wear your safety belt on height places of the oil rig.
You will get good package , very rare employees in the worldwide thats why company will hire immediately , if you know job very well and good experience in rig field.
Around 1500$ minimum salary with all other benefits