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       A multi-skilled mechanic with good all-round technical and mechanical expertise. A productive team player, able to work to deadlines and targets, self motivated, organised and able to multi task. Very capable with an ability to diagnose faults on vehicles using specialist diagnostic equipment and to then successfully repair or replace defective parts. Experience of developing apprentices and disseminate knowledge and experience to others.
   Currently looking for a new and vehicle mechanic position, one which will make me best use of my existing skills and experience.
  • Aware of safety regulations when lifting heavy tools and parts.
  • Experience of servicing large vehicles such as trucks 7.5 tonne lorries & above.
  • Ability to identify & diagnose vehicle faults.
  • Experience of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Experience & knowledge of the latest IT technologies used in fault diagnosis.
  • Experience of mechanical work at a car dealer franchises, petrol stations and auto supply store 
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MECHANIC ( your  working period)

       Responsible for carrying out warranty repairs to manufacturers guidelines. Including repairs, replacing brakes and suspensions, servicing of vehicles. Also ensuring all work is completed on time & within service schedules.
  • Calculating & verifying the estimated parts required for repair. Repairing and servicing vehicles booked into the workshop.
  •  Ensuring the correct specialist tools are used to carry out repairs. Servicing, timing belts, cam belts and MOT repairs. Stripping / fitting and repair all makes and models of accident damaged cars.
  • Carrying out inspections and reconditioning of vehicles. Stripping, fitting and replacing components on vehicles. Liaising with customers and service reception staff.
  • Making sure the work bay & garage is tidy and safe to work in. Carrying out test drives on vehicles to diagnose existing faults.
  • Investigation faults using special mechanical tools and diagnostic equipment. Ordering or picking up parts from suppliers.
  • Checking every critical part of a vehicle, including belts, hoses, plugs, and brake and fuel systems.

  • Cat B driving licence

  • Apprenticeship in Motor Vehicle Mechanics

  • ATA accreditation

  • MOT license

  • Professional experience
  • Communication skills
  • Confident manner 

Professional Qualification

Diploma in Automobile engineering (YOUR University details)

Academic Qualification

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate,
Board of Public Examinations, Kerala.
  • Pre-Degree (Calicut University)

IT- Qualification




Name in full              :  
Father’s name          :  
Mother’s name         :  
Date of Birth            :  
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Passport Details:-
Passport No.           :
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Visa Details           :  

Languages known        
 To Speak : English, Hindi, Malayalam,Thamil.
To Read   : English, Hindi, Malayalam.

To Write  : English, Hindi, Malayalam.

Minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of basic office procedures.

  • Good Communication Skill.

  • Great team worker, diligent honest.

  • Efficient in use of time and resources.

  • Very quick to acquire new skill and study.

  • Computer knowledge-MS Office2000.

  • Good knowledge of engineering equipment.

  • Good knowledge of safety precautions.

  • Minimum level of manual skills.

  • Physically fit.

I here by declare  that the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and ability.