Career in oil rig is a  highest payable job field . Highest  salary package and rotational duties . Rotational duty is a key to everybody attracting this field.

Almost companies  offering 28 working days and 28 paid leave with up and down air-ticket. Some of the company offering 56days duty and 28 paid leave. All companies offering better salary , accommodation , flight ticket , standard food . every job seekers don’t know about rig jobs and opportunities . here giving rig job information for job seekers.

Formerly Lets give  some basic information about RIG . 
What is rig ?

Rig is platform of something operations of work doing for specific mission.

Oil rig is a platform for operations of drilling an oil well . you are all  know crude oil . its black gold , first source of energy beyond diesel , petrol , oil and  all other products from petrol .

Oil well is a source of crude oil or gases . for building an oil well , first need to drill in the  earth wherever have the presence  of crude oil .The presence of crude oil in the earth will find by geological tests.

It is deep subject . no need to go head more ...

So for drilling the well  need rig platform . it is two types earth movable ( means onshore) and offshore rig  in sea. This we are calling as ON-shore and OFF-shore .