For getting to gulf job , almost job seekers consult with recruiting agency , this is not only a wrong way but also some take care need.
1.First thing is service charge for visa is prohibited in GCC Countries .But all recruiters ask for money as in the name of service charge .

2. Careful that recruiters asking for money before getting job visa . How to make sure if we give money first  then get a job visa with agreed compensation.

3.If you paying service charge make sure you to receive a receipt .if they are saying they not possible to issue receipt , you understand that this is a wrong way , dont get trapped .

4. Dont give any of your original certificates and passport to them for visa stamping . no need original for visa stamping , only necessary of copy 

5. First make sure agency is govt approved . check register number of agency and popularity

6. Make sure about company , means company name and all other details about company through any of your relatives or friends .

7.If you are going to UAE read carefully offer letter then signed

8. Make sure your offer details (basic salary , leave salary , over time , air ticket  , other benefits ) are correct as per they are informed before .
 This are the common things to take care you while dealing with any of the recruiting agencies .