Today internet is most popular ever  in the world. Without internet life would be struggling. The development path of Internet is very quickly since 2000year.

Here never like to describe over Internet in a paragraph. In this chapter  would like participate information regarding internet based business/JOB. Internet is a platform of worldwide business.90℅ people using Internet in the form of social networking, chatting , email, WhatsApp , blogging ....etc.

        Today's job is a main issue in our life.with a good job 50% people would be satisfy in their life.but getting a job with own qualification is very difficult . so thinking about our own self employement or business ,so we could be our own boss , this will be better. But starting a self employment or business and to get successful is not an easy way. For any job or business first we need to must an idea .

You can find out a job online or you can do self employment here in online. 

       we all heard  about online jobs. It may be part time or full time. We can see too many jobs on online . all of them no need computer knowledge  , but most of the online jobs depends computer , internet . here introduce to  online jobs it will help you all to earn an extra income in your life by using  your free time. To days everybody having a basic computer knowledge means ms-office ,using of internet . just use your basic computer knowledge with a creative talent , surely you can win.