UAE Labour Law

Table of Contents
Federal Law No 8, For 1980, On Regulation of Labour Relations 

Chapter I: Definitions and General Provisions

Chapter II: Employment Of Workers Children And Women
Section I: Employment of Workers
Section II: Employment of Children
Section III: Employment of Women
Section IV: Rules Common to Employment of Children and Women

Chapter III: Employment Contracts, Records and Wages
Section I: Individual Employment Contracts
Section II: Apprenticeship &Vocational Training Contracts
Section III: Records and Files .
Section IV: Wages

Chapter IV: Working Hours and Leaves
SECTION I: Working Hours
Section II: Leaves

Chapter V: Workers’ Safety, Protection, Health And Social Care

Chapter VI: Disciplinary Rules

Chapter VII: Termination and Severance Pay .
Section I: Termination of Employment .
Section II: Severance Pay.

Chapter VIII: Compensation For Occupational Injuries..

Chapter IX : Collective Labour Disputes ..
Chapter X: Labour Inspection
Chapter XI: Penalties .
Chapter XII: Concluding Provisions.

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