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Excel at challenging positions in the Industry, where my technical ability, skills and knowledge can be best exerted towards the achievement of organizational objectives in tandem with my personal goals.

Academic Qualifications

  • B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
College            :            
University      :
 Year                :      

 Percentage    :
  • XIIth
School                   :            
Board                    :
Year                       :

Percentage           :
  • Xth
School                  :          
Board                   :       

Year                      :                  
Percentage          :

Technical Skills

  • Design Software      - AutoCAD2010
  • Operating Systems  - Windows Xp
Curriculum Project accomplished during B.Tech
Project title:          Industrial Motor Control Using PLC

Duration:              Nov-Dec 2008, Nallalam Diesel Power Plant, Kozhikode.

Description:         The project is to implement a motor control system that is to include a synchronous motor, started off the line, and an induction motor,controlled by a variable frequency drive. The system is controlled via Compactlogix 5320 based Programmable logic controller


Duration :    Fom August 2011

Company:   Ramboll-IMI soft Pvt Ltd

                      IMIsoft (Established in 1988) is dedicated in engineering services in software products for tower design, project management of tower construction, design and detail engineering consultancy and quality audit and quality monitoring services covering the entire life cycle of tower construction.

Designation: QA/QC Engineer

  • Responsible for the power distribution and inspection of telecom towers. 
  •  Scheduling inspection of the entire regional level operation (north kerala) 
  • Inspection and acceptance of electrical works includes indoor wires, outdoor wires, equipment acceptance such as PIU,BB,AC,PP,DG,shelter,and alarm testing. Based on their quality of audit, certificate of fitness is issued. 
  • submitting field inspection reports to the state head quarters
  1. Represented college cricket team 
  2. Active member of NSS unit of Govt college of engineering
  3. Joint Convener of program committee during Xplore’07, National level technical fest, held at Government  College of engineering         

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Personal Details:
Date of Birth:
Sex: Male

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Interests & Activities: Travelling, Driving
Passport No:
Languages known:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam

I here by declare that the above details are true and fair to the best of my knowledge.

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