Careers: Rig Job Part 5

6.Night pusher:
     An assistant manager in the rig site , he has duties and responsibilities on night shift. A special name night pusher , tool pusher you never heard like this name for position . this word actually called by Americans . night pusher , tool pusher  meaning pushing the work to co-workers in other words manager , but in rig field no priority for manager . work is too hard and need to push in a bad environment .
          night pusher is a second top position in rig field . very  good package and all other benefit providing . very good chances for night pushers in international oil and rig .
7.Tool pusher:
      Top position in rig field , complete responsibility of a rig to him. Meanwhile Manager in a Rig . all time present in rig site . 28day duty and 28 paid leave . all the commanding power  and decision making in a rig is by  Tool pusher . sometimes need quick decision to take in an emergency condition is very important .