Kuwait private sector labor law explained
Kuwait Labor Law for the private sector with the Explanatory Memorandum to the Labor Law.
Following are the articles of the law in line with its chapters as follows:

Chapter One
General Rules
Article One: specifies the concerned ministry - the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the concerned minister - the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor. It also defines the terms laborer, employer and organization.

Article Two: states the law is applicable to the private sector employees. This means all the definitions regarding the laborer and the employer mentioned in the first article, explains clearly what is meant by personnel working in the non-government sector.

Article Three: specifies the validity of the proposal on the contract of marine labor, concerning issues not covered by the marine commercial law or if the stipulation of this law is more beneficial to the laborer.

Article Four: confirms that the rules of this law are applicable to laborers in the oil sector, in case there is no stipulation in this regard in the existing law in the oil sector or if this law is more beneficial to the laborer.

Article Five: exempts the domestic workers and those not covered by this law as the minister is required to issue a decision concerning their affairs, in accordance with the rules governing their relations with the employers.

Article Six: states an authentic rule unanimously approved by jurisprudence and Courts and limited by most of modern legislations saying that the verdict of this law including merits and rights for personnel represent only the minimum of these rights and it is not possible to give them up. However, the best merits and rights included in the group or single contracts or even the byelaws approved by the employers that include more merits than what is mentioned in the law, these contracts have to be approved and laborers treated according to them.
In other words; the rights and merits approved for laborers represent only the minimum limit which is included by the lawmaker, therefore it is not allowed to touch these rights unless this agreement is more beneficial for laborers whether this deal when approving the contract or during the validity of the contract to cope with the spirit of legislation related to the public system, in addition to the human spirit that refuses but hates to get its rights cut specially after approving them.

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