An Electrician interview for Oman(2016OCT)

      One day I just call to Philadelphia consultancy in ernakulam.
I saw an advertisement in the daily newspaper for  vacancy of electrician in a hypermarket (MARS) Oman . More other positions also have in various field. They said that they will call.After 3-4 days , they call back for interview on 23th Sunday Oct-2016. I attend the interview on this date
Application fill up in their office .
Two persons interviewed.
I wish them with "good morning"
And give a shake hand,
"How are you"
"I am fine sir "
" what doing now "
" I am now a self employed in electrical wiring work"
" is it to industrial or house wiring"
"House wiring"
" how much you getting , now "
"Oh you are better , what about your work contract , currently  "
" going on two house projects"
"Well , now too money for Electrical works "
" not like that sir , competition having in this field "
" that's a common factor "
" oh you are worked in kuwait for a drilling company "
" yes sir "
" OK , what is your expecting "
"Its too much , its in hypermarket"
"OK right sir , its my expectation"
" OK well , you will get call from Oman directly , wait "
" ,OK , thank you sir "
" welcome"
It s an actual interview conversation held for electrician job position for MARS hypermarket.
thank you Mr.Subhash